[iOS] Backup a Unstoppable Domain Vault or Imported Wallet to the Cloud

Keep your password safe

When backing up to the cloud, you’ll be prompted to set up a password to encrypt your secret recovery phrase. Keep this password safe as it will be required to recover your wallet. Your wallet cannot be recovered if you forget or lose this recovery password.

Cloud Backup States

Green checkmark - Vault / Wallet is backed up to iCloud
Orange checkmark - Domain vault created on the Unstoppable app but not backed up to iCloud
Grey checkmark - Wallet was imported but not backed up to iCloud

Click Gear Icon

1. Click Settings Gear Icon in the top left.

Create new wallet

2. Click the Domain vault button.

View Domains in Vault

3. Select the wallet or vault you'd like to backup to the cloud.

Create new wallet

4. Click the Back up to iCloud button.

Finished backing up

5. You're all done! You successfully backed up to iCloud!

You have successfully backed up your wallet or vault to the cloud in the Unstoppable mobile app.

Next Steps: Manage Your Domains

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