[iOS] Setup Reverse Resolution for your Web3 Domain


You can now opt-in to set up Reverse Resolution with your web3 domain from the Unstoppable mobile app. With Reverse Resolution, instead of 0xa59C818Ddb801f1253edEbf0Cf08c9E481EA2222 you'll see yourname.nft automatically displayed in integrated apps, metaverses, and games. Configuration is optional, and you can update your existing configuration at any time.

Click Gear Icon

1. Click Settings Gear Icon in the top left.

Create new wallet

2. Click the Domain vault button.

View Domains in Vault

3. Select the wallet or vault where your web3 domain is stored.

Setup reverse resolution

4. Click the Setup Reverse Resolution button.

Confirm reverse resolution

5. Click Continue to confirm your selection.

Select primary domain

6. Select the domain you want to configure (called the primary domain) and click Confirm.

Confirm identity reverse revolution

7. Confirm your identity using biometrics (faceID or fingerprint) or passcode.

Pending reverse resolution

8. Wait 2-3 minutes for reverse resolultion setup to complete.

Completed reverse resolution

9. You’re all done! Reverse Resolution is now configured.

You have successfully setup Reverse Resolution for your web3 domain in the Unstoppable mobile app.

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