[iOS] Import Your Wallet Using a Recovery Phrase/Private Key


To import an existing wallet, you must have access to the 12 word secret phrase or private key. This can typically be obtained in the settings section of your favourite mobile crypto wallets such as Coinbase Wallet, Rainbow, MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and more. Once your wallet is imported you can either manage your wallet on the Unstoppable app, or mirror it across multiple apps of your choice.

Click I Have a Wallet

1. Select the Already minted domain button.

iCloud backup button

2. Click the Recovery phrase or private key button.

Enter backup password

3. Enter the Recovery Phrase.

Finish recovery phrase importing

4. Click the Continue button to finish adding the wallet.

Protect Your Wallet

5. Choose an option to protect your wallet, or you may skip this page.

Accept Terms of service

6. Check the box to accept terms of service, then click Getting Started to begin.

You have successfully imported your wallet from a recovery phrase into the Unstoppable mobile app.

Next Steps: Manage Your Domains

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