What is Web3 or DWeb?

Web3, or DWeb, has added characteristics when compared to the internet we know of today. Websites built on Web3 are decentralized, and the content of the website is peer-to-peer hosted. So, you will often hear the terms Web3, DWeb, or decentralized websites interchangeably.

How is Web3 built?

Web3 apps are built on blockchains, decentralized networks, or a combination of the two to form a protocol. Apps built on Web3 are referred to as dapps (decentralized apps). In Web3, you wouldn't deploy apps running on a single server or store data on a single database.

How is Web3 content accessed on the web?

Web3 data is found based on its content, meaning information is stored in multiple places at once. As a result, the information is accessed through a vast peer-to-peer network. In comparison, when accessing content on the traditional web, the HTTP protocol is used as web addresses to find content and information stored on a single server.

What is the benefit of Web3 over traditional websites?

Web3 enables us to break down the extensive centralized databases owned and controlled by internet companies. It protects us from surveillance since information becomes decentralized - meaning third parties cannot access them or control the content.

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