What Does It Mean to Mint a Domain?

An NFT is a blockchain-based token that proves ownership of a digital item. Minting is the process of registering a domain onto the blockchain via your cryptocurrency wallet to gain full custody of the domain. This means that nobody else has control over it except for the rightful owner. This is what makes your domains decentralized and ultimately "unstoppable".

Learn more about minting by viewing our video below:

When you purchase an Unstoppable domain, it will be automatically minted to the blockchain. Once your domain is minted, neither Unstoppable Domains nor any other entity is able to make changes to the domain or take it back from you. Then, you can trasfer your domain(s) to your personal wallet at any time.


It is recommended that you backup your recovery phrase in case your phone is lost, stolen, or inaccessible. Please keep your phrase in safe, reliable location. Unstoppable Domains cannot recover your 12 word recovery phrase for you!

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