FAQs for new web3 domains

This page answers some common questions about new Unstoppable web3 domains. Please ask additional questions support@unstoppabledomains.comand we will add them to this page!

web3 domains and General Questions

What are the newest web3 domains?
  • .blockchain (launched in partnership with blockchain.com)
  • .bitcoin (launched in partnership with Gemini)
  • .coin (launched in partnership with Circle)
  • .nft (launched in partnership with Opera Browser)
  • .wallet
  • .888
  • .dao
  • .x
Can you tell me a little about each new web3 domain?

Sure! Based on popular feedback from our community and requests to have more choice in domain endings, we’ve created 8 new domain registries, each geared towards a different community / set of interests. In additional to .zil and .crypto, we are now offering:

  • .blockchain - for blockchain evangelists.
  • .bitcoin - for bitcoin users everywhere. We’re proud to work with Gemini, the provider behind our custody service, to bring .bitcoin to the world.
  • .coin - for easy-to-remember web3 domains combined with USDC are the future of p2p payments. We’re proud to be working with Circle to bring .coin to the world.
  • .nft - for artists, collectors and fans. We’re proud to be working with Opera Browser to bring .nft to the world.
  • .wallet - for the payment pioneers.
  • .888 - for those wishing themselves and others good fortune.
  • .dao - for those who believe in open governance & community.
  • .x - the ultimate domain ending and username. Short. Premium. Exclusive.
Are we using the same protected domain approach with the new web3 domains?

We’ve updated our protected domain list to encompass a broader group of protected names which now includes everything from startups, to blockchain companies, and even national parks. We firmly believe that trademarks and brands should be the owners of these domains.

If I own a specific .crypto web3 domain, can someone else purchase the same domain name with a .blockchain ending and run a website on it? Is it even legal?

Yes, anyone can purchase any available domains. Unstoppable Domains cannot control what will be the usage or way the buyer of the other web3 domains will be using them.

I already own a .crypto and/or .zil web3 domain. Will I automatically receive .x, .nft, etc?

You will receive 3x promo credits on all historical purchases, which allow you to increase the size of your portfolio up 6x (since most of the new extensions are cheaper than .crypto / .zil). Additionally, any new purchases by by 9AM PDT 17th of June, 2021 will also be eligible for the 3x promo credit. You will be able to use these promo credits towards any purchase within 90 days before they expire. All available domains are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Where will the new web3 domains be launched?
The new web3 domains will be launched on the main Polygon blockchain.
What are the main differences between the new web3 domains and the current .zil and .crypto web3 domains?

The new Unstoppable Identities domain extensions are .blockchain, .bitcoin, .coin, .nft, .wallet, .x, .888 and .dao. One for each community, all with the same Unstoppable Domains promise.

Like our .crypto and .zil domain user identities today, these new domain identities will be able to be used as universal usernames across apps, websites, and wallets, as well as website URLs, payment addresses, single-sign-on (SSO), and much more. It may take various wallets different amounts of time to introduce support.

Why should I buy other NFT domains if I already have .crypto (and/or .zil)?

web3 domain endings or TLDs (top level domains) like .nft and .x, present another great opportunity for you to register a memorable and unique domain name. You can use these to highlight a specific part of your personal or business brand that may be different from .crypto or .zil. Did you know, there are over 1,399 official ICANN TLDS (.com, .net. .org, .cash, etc). Everybody is different.

We believe that your domain should represent you and your identity, if you feel you belong to multiple or would like to use any of the variations for a different purpose, you may purchase as many web3 domains as you want.

How is a vault created within the Unstoppable App different from a wallet?

A vault created within the Unstoppable App is specifically designed for securely managing and interacting with your web3 domains. It is not optimized for typical wallet functionality (such as sending and receiving crypto and managing your crypto balances).

Is the company (exploring) deploying web3 domains on other blockchains?

Not at this time, as we are focused on Layer 2 scaling solutions on Ethereum.

Will the already trademark-minted domains (for .crypto and .zil) also be assigned on the new web3 domains?

Trademarks do not automatically grant ownership over domain names. Trademarks are on a per-category basis, and it is perfectly normal for companies providing different products or services to co-exist (for example, Domino’s Pizza and Domino’s Sugar).

Can we expect newer web3 domains after these?

We are very excited to bring these 8 new domain extensions to market. Our focus at this time is in continuing to build a better network of integrations for our domains. There’s lots to do and we will continue to update you as we make more progress.

Pricing, Refunds, Credits, etc.

I tried buying .nft and it’s not available yet. How do I make the purchase?
We will be regularly reviewing and updating the list of available domain names; please watchlist any names you are interested in buying to be notified when it becomes available.
Will the new web3 domains affect the current value of my .zil or my .crypto domain?

Gemini (crypto exchange), Opera (Browser), Circle (USDC), and blockchain.com (crypto wallet) are collaborating with us us on .bitcoin, .nft, .coin, and .blockchain respectively. This has the potential to bring millions of new users into the Unstoppable Domains ecosystem, and make all blockchain domain names even more useful and widely supported than they are today.

The 3x promo credits allow previous domain owners to get domains on these new extensions in addition to their current domains for free. Since the majority of the new extensions are priced at 50% less than .crypto, current domain owners can essentially 3-6x the size of their domain portfolio for free.

I purchased my domain on a secondary marketplace, will I be airdropped?

No. The airdrop applies only for Unstoppable Domains customers who have made purchases directly through unstoppabledomains.com. If there is a particular domain you have been interested in getting, we are offering new customers the opportunity to get 3x promo credits for any domain purchases made on our site before June 17th, at 9am PDT.

Will the 75% discount you are offering for domains with numerical digits only apply on new web3 domains? Or also .crypto and .zil?

Here you can find the pricing for current available domains.

Can I reserve / place a deposit in advance of the launch somehow?

No, at this time we are not accepting deposits in advance of the launch.

Can I get a discount for buying all 8 domains at once?

Most of the new web3 domains are priced lower than .crypto. With the 3x promo credit, you might be able to buy 6 domains for every full-priced .crypto domain you currently own, depending on the particular extension. As such, we are not offering any additional discounts.

I believe someone stole / bought my domain on one of your new web3 domain endings. Where can I go for help?

Just like in the traditional registrar space, owning a .com domain does not give you automatic rights over the other web3 domain extensions (.co, .io, co.uk, .ca, etc). You can use promo credits towards the purchase of a new domain extension so if you’re interested in owning the extensions to a specific username we encourage you to check out what other extensions may be available. If any of the domains you are interested in purchasing is currently unavailable, don’t forget to add it to your watchlist, so you are notified a couple of days before it gets released.

What is a “qualified purchase”?
Any purchase made with cryptocurrency or $USD, which can include credit cards and PayPal. We are not issuing promo credits against store credit purchases or minting credits (discontinued) at this time.
Does this apply to all regular domains and premium domain names?

Yes! E.g., You can buy a $100,000 premium domain and receive $300,000 in promo credits if the purchase happens before the cut-off date.

Are promo credits the same as store credits?
No. These promo credits will expire within 90 days at 11:59PM PDT on September 20, 2021.
When are the promo credits valid?
Promo credits will be automatically added to your account on Thursday June 17th around 12pm noon PDT when the web3 domains go live for pre-sale, and they will expire on 11:59pm PDT on September 20 (90 days later).
Are promo credits refundable?
Promo credits are not refundable. They must be used within 90 days (until 11:59PM PDT on September 20, 2021) and will expire if unused.
Can I refund a misspelled domain purchased with the promo credits?
No, we unfortunately cannot refund domain purchases due to misspelling errors so please choose carefully.
Can I get real money or crypto instead of promo credits?
Can I buy using a combo of promo credits / store credits / regular checkout?
You can combine any two of those three options, but not all three. • Promo credits + store credits = fine • Promo credits plus regular checkout = fine • Store credits plus regular checkout = fine • Promo credits plus store credits plus regular checkout = will not work
If I purchased a domain using a combo of promo credits / store credits / regular checkout, can I get a refund?
If the domain is unminted, we can issue a partial refund, only for the portion paid with store credits / regular checkout. The promo credits portion is non-refundable.
I purchased a domain with Store Credits I won in Giveaway, am I getting also the airdrop?

No, the promo credits are only tied to actual dollars spent on unstoppabledomains.com.

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