[iOS] Mint Domains in the Unstoppable App

Home and mint domains button

1. Click the + button in the top-right corner of the home screen.

Mint or buy domain prompt

2. Click Mint domain

Enter email associated with domains

3. Enter the email address you used to purchase the domain(s). Click the "Continue" button.

Enter verifcation code

4. Click the link in the email or enter the verification code.

Select domains to mint

5. Select the domains to mint and the wallet you’d like your domain(s) to be minted with. Then, click the Mint selected domainsbutton.

Select destination wallet

5. Select your primary domain from the list, and then click the Confirm button to continue.

Minting in progress

Minting is now in-progress. Click Notify me when finished to be notified when the minting process is complete.

You're all done screen

You're all done!

You have successfully minted your domain(s).

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